We moved into our home 3 years ago having stumbled on it by chance after viewing an Octagon property nearby which had left us feeling a little deflated as it lacked that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ for the asking price. As soon as we saw St John’s Cottage fell in love with it. The architectural design visually from outside was stunning, the colour of the brickwork catching the light was captivating, the angles of the roof and the landscaping superb. But the true mind blowing experience happened when we entered the property! We can’t express enough the magnificence of this home. The design and build quality is truly outstanding. Whoever enters our home whether in the building trade or not is taken aback by the build quality and design. It is a large house but has been designed to feel cottage-like in keeping with the original name of the property. The thought and detail that has been put into our home could only come from a truly experienced developer. The kitchen and bathrooms are to the highest standard we have ever experienced in fact everything in the house is absolutely stunning!